Strain's precise, innovative, and independent methods help us go beyond the reach of most architectural and engineering firms

We combine four primary methods - modelling, analysis, prototyping, and testing - in different ways to deliver the best possible solution based on the needs of each project. Our methods are advantageous for a number of reasons:


Strain performs prototyping and testing services in-house, so we can guarantee that our clients will always receive a fully-checked design.


We work autonomously and without obligation to other providers, meaning that our clients can maintain their independence during the design phase.

So many times, prototyping services are performed by a building company as a favour. This agreement usually requires the client to commit to the company for fabrication before getting to know the real-life constraints of the project. Strain Engineering offers our clients the freedom to independently contract analyses and testing so that they can make an informed and un-biased decision when it comes to hiring a building company.


Strain's independence from this type of obligation translates into more innovative results, since we can push the boundaries of contemporary knowledge without restrictions.


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