How we work: Concurrent Engineering

A concurrent engineering approach ensures the optimum performance of a building over its entire life cycle

Strain Engineering views the built environment in terms of its life cycle. For that reason, we utilize concurrent engineering to improve all phases of a building's performance from the very beginning.  Our world-class engineering services ensure the correct form and function of our clients' building projects from concept to construction, to occupation, maintenance, monitoring, and sustainable deconstruction.

Although we can intervene at any point during the life cycle of a project, Strain's services are most effective when initiated during the design and development phases. The strength of concurrent engineering lies in the fact that it pinpoints, redesigns, and solves problems early enough to save clients costly errors as the project becomes more complicated and moves into the physical realm.

Our services involve three strategic contributions to the success of a building project that are performed between the brief and the tendering phase.

Contemporary knowledge

Our work begins with the knowledge that is shared amongst our multidisciplinary team. Our depth of expertise and constant strive for betterment keeps us abreast of the most cutting edge design methodologies and fabrication techniques.

Research & Testing

When existing knowledge does not suffice, we push the boundaries of what we know by performing our own material research. This process can start with as little as an educated guess and evolve into virtual and physical testing in our in-house facilities. Since Strain is founded upon the belief that knowledge is freedom, we share what we've learned with the larger community through technical publications and congresses.


We believe that building is an essential learning experience for any ground-breaking construction technique. For this reason, we continue the testing process by building full-scale prototypes to assist in the design. Although construction prototypes are typically used only as an example against which the final quality of a work is judged, Strain Engineering utilizes the prototype as feedback during the design process to perform the needed modifications before closing the design for tendering.

Strain's investment in research and development as a part of its concurrent engineering approach results in more innovative solutions


Santander City HQ

When faced with the limitations of conventional bolted glass solutions on the Santander City HQ entrance canopies we applied material science from the aeronautic industry to create an innovative adhesive based glass fixing. This solution not only reduced expenses, but also improved the sealing and post-breakage stability of the glass.

Iberdrola Tower

Iberdrola Tower

While working on the recently inaugurated Iberdrola Tower designed by Cesar Pelli, conventional fixes for the variable curvature of its cladding represented a financial hindrance. Strain engineered a cold bending solution using flat insulated glass units that guaranteed the economic viability of the project.

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